air blower and air diffuser aeration systemair roots positive displacement blowerjet aspirator aeratorRotary drum screenUV sterilizer disinfection unit for water wastewater
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About Us

We (Enfound ) are the manufacturer and supplier of wastewater and water treatment equipment in Taiwan and provide the reliable and various products to engineering company, consultation company , agent and end user. Our main products:

For Wastewater Water ,

1. Static screen, Rotary drum screen ( Liquid /Solid Separator ), Auto bar screen
2. Surface jet aerator, aspirator aerator, floating aerator, lagoon aerator, river aerator, river aerator, Oxidation Ditch aerator, Submersible jet aerator, Air roots blower, air positive displacement blower, air ring blower, air side blower, & diffuser, Air pump ( Aeration system)

For Aquaculture ,
1. Micro drum screen filter, pvc UV sterilizer,ultraviolet water sterilizer ( UPVC & stainless steel reactor chamber), aquaculture surface jet aerator

For Water and Water recycling ,
1.Bag filter, Cartridge filter, UV sterilizer for advance treatment and water recycling system

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