Micro rotary drum screen filter

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    Micro rotary drum screen for Aquaculture RAS water


    • Type:Other,Sewage Disposal System
    • Water screen:water filtration

    Key Features


    1. High density aquaculture in recirculation system and effluent water ( suitable for sea water and fresh water).

    2. Filtration intake water, Removal of mussel seeds, algae etc. for Cooling process, Irrigation

    3. Pre filter for water making installations , Pre filter for Membrane Bio Reactors (M.B.R.) for Waste water treatment and Industry general

    4. Removal of fibers for Paper& Pulp ,Textile companies and Food processing

    5. Cleaning of swimming pools and recreational ponds and waterworks


    1. The full range of machines using special PP filter, casing using FRP materials, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. Suitable for sea water and fresh water.

    2. Easy to install, easy to use and maintain

    3. Large filtration area, excellent filtration effect.

    4. Automatic operation and automatic cleaning, filter does not easy block, long life time.

    5. Removing Residual pellet food , waste and suspended solids in the water

    6. High-pressure self-cleaning filter, non-consumable, automatic control, energy saving low energy.

    7. Reduced wastewater generated as compared to sand filter.

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    • Micro rotary drum screen filter for Aquaculture, pool, water park