Blister Packing Machine

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    Blister Packing Machine


    • Application:Apparel,Machinery & Hardware
    • Driven Type:Electric

    Key Features

    Characteristics: 1. PET, PVC blister and instant printed cardboard 2. The cardboard is not deformed and can completely seal the BLISTER. 3. No need to wait for heating, ready to use 4. There are two types of direct heating and instant heating. The direct heating type is that the heating plate on the machine is directly heated by the card surface, and the instant heating type must be installed on the mold. 5. Heat seal the vacuum formed clear blister with printed card. 6. Suitable for packing general commodity, such as stationery, small hardware, toy and electronic parts...etc. 7. A piece of wood mold can be placed on each side. The wood mold in & out as well as the products being arranged and taken out are done manually.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:1 Unit/Units