Centrifugal Dehydrator

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    Centrifugal Dehydrator Suitable for lines of industry, Hardware, Electricity, Dyeing, Foods, Chemistry, Fabrics, Fats, Metal,


    • Materials:Stainless Steel

    Key Features


    1.Can clarify, grade, filtrate and drain solid and liquid by its centrifugal force made by high- speed swirling.

    2. Smooth, safe, noiseless, with noiseless shake-proof spring leak-proof, electricity-saving

    3.This machine has standard type, flat type inner, dismantle outline tank and dismantle inner tank type design to choice.

    4.With the best insulate motor, special automatic clutch, light load carry capacity and longevity.

    5.High speed spinning mechanism and draining fast.

    6.The inner and outer buckets are made of stainless steel, stout and durable.

    7.Specified products can be designed and manufactured to meet the customers’ requirements.


    • Centrifugal Dehydrator ( Separator) for Foods, etc