Micro rotary drum screen filter koi pond

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    Micro rotary drum screen filter koi pond


    • case materials:FRP or PVC or sus304
    • operation & maintain:.Automatic operation and automatic cleaning, filter does not easy block, long life time
    • screen materials:sus 304 or sus316

    Key Features

    Working process:

    1.The wastewater enter the rotary drum screen from the inside rotating drum. The larger than screen mesh solids are captured on the filter screen and Water passes through the screen.

    2. When the solids accumulate to a certain amount inside drum and the water level up to the high level, the water level auto-control system starts working, rinse pump and drive motor start working , and use nozzle high pressure water jet washing strainer and the solids wash down into the tray then flow out

    3. When the mesh is clean and the water level down to the low level, rinse pump and drive motor stop working, and drum filter will start the new working recycle.


    1.High density aquaculture in recirculation system and effluent water (suitable for sea water and fresh water).

    2.Filtration intake water,Removal of mussel seeds, algae etc. for Cooling process, Irrigation

    3.Pre-filter for water making installations , Pre -filter for Membrane Bio Reactors (M.B.R.) for Waste water treatment and Industry general

    4.Removal of fibers for Paper& Pulp ,Textile companies and Food processing

    5.Cleaning of swimming pools and recreational ponds and waterworks

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:1 Unit/Units


    • Aquaculture Micro rotary drum screen