PHOTOFENTON ( with UV) Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

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    PHOTOFENTON ( with UV) Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)


    • Type:Other,Sewage Disposal System,Sludge Dewatering Machine
    • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) :PHOTOFENTON ( with UV)

    Key Features

    Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) The most advanced AOP system uses or combines three proven systems Treatment technology (ozone, ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide) produces hydroxyl radicals, Eliminate the final oxidant of organic phosphorus. 

    PHOTOFENTON reaction introduction. The company adopts “PHOTOFENTON” which is a new modification of FENTON oxidation method. The FENTON/UV method works by destroying organic additives and their decomposition products by OH radicals formed by UV light and hydrogen peroxide. These OH radicals will
    The organic molecules are oxidized to a volatile decomposition product without any precipitated or oily sludge. The web66 method is more efficient than traditional carbon processing.
    Comparative experiments were performed in a 600 l scale aged electrolyte for through-hole filling applications with TOC values in excess of 1 g / l, and
    And show excellent cleaning potential.
    Fe2+ + H2O2  Fe3+ + OH- + ‧ OH (1)
    Fe3+ + H2O2→ Fe2+ + HO2‧ + H+k2 = 2 × 10−2M−1 s−1 (2)
    Fe3+ + HO2‧ → Fe2+ + O2 + H+k3 = 104M−1 s−1 (3)
    Fe2+ +‧OH → Fe3+ + OH−k4 = 4.3 × 108M−1 s−1 (4)
    H2O2 +‧OH → HO2‧ + H2Ok5 = 2.7 × 107 (5)
    Fe3+/Fe(III)(OH)2+ + hv → Fe2+/Fe(II) + ‧OH (6)

    Application of PHOTOFENTON:
    (1) Dyeing and finishing wastewater treatment
    (2) Treatment of organic waste gas harmful to human body
    (3) Organic wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical industry, electroplating industry and chemical industry.
    (4) Electroplating bath remains fresh without activated carbon adsorption And inverted tank, no waste water generation
    (5) organic waste gas treatment in air
    (6) further purification of tap water or drinking water organic pollutants

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