tunnel (Conveyor belt and cover) UV disinfection Systems for food, container, package

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    tunnel UV disinfection Systems for food, container, package


    • Type:Other
    • tunnel UV disinfection system :Conveyor belt and cover

    Key Features

     The sterility of food, packaging materials and storage containers is one of the most important requirements for food shelf life and hygiene, especially in the ready-to-eat products, salads, vegetables and fruit processing
    Ultraviolet sterilization tunnels provide a fast and efficient way to disinfect food and packaging materials.

    No heating, no additives or no residue, and completed in a short period of time.
    When the item enters the tunnel of the tunnel UV disinfection system, the conveyor controls the appropriate exposure time to ensure complete disinfection, and then the item is ready to be collected in a clean environment
    at the other end.

    1. No need for chemicals, efficient UV disinfection. Extend shelf life.
    2. Low operating temperature; for objects with low heat resistance.
    3. Fast processing time and low power consumption, efficient, economical operation, and low power cost.
    4. Easy to install, handle, clean and maintain, easy to operate and easy to clean.
    5. Safety protection of the stainless steel structure inside the tunnel: UV-C ultraviolet light is shielded by the
    metal casing to prevent the UV-C wavelength from passing.
    6. Adjust the different exposure times according to the needs of the food.
    7. The design can be combined with a cover UV disinfection device according to the existing conveyor.

    1. industry disinfection , for food
    2. Spices ,Dried fruit
    3. Fruits, vegetables, packed meat, grains, bread. Egg,. Seafood, seasoning…
    4. Transportation boxes and crates after washing
    5. cans, bottles, cups, lids before filling

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