UV disinfection with sleeve wiper ( cleaning system) for wastewater

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    UV disinfection unit for wastewater with sleeve wiper


    • Type:Other
    • wastewater disinfection: sleeve wiper

    Key Features

    UV  disinfection system with quartz sleeve wiper cleaning device
    It adopts the latest lamp technology and combines the traditional pipeline type UV disinfection equipment. This advantage can replace 3 to 5 standard output lamps of the same length because of its high power, so it avoids the traditional UV lamp when the water is large. When the use of the UV lamp is too large, the device is bulky, and the number of maintenance lamps is excessive in the future, and the maintenance is not easy. Because amalgam UV lamp technology can output more than 300% of UV light at 254nm higher than traditional low-pressure low-output UV lamps, while maintaining the original sterilization efficiency.

    The amalgam UV lamp series is the newest product using the latest lamp technology - low pressure high output alloy mercury UV lamp
    1. It maintains high UV output at temperatures in the general environment. Each lamp can output from 42 watts to 500 watts.
    2. Long life, up to 12000hrs in normal use
    3. At the same length, its output of ultraviolet light is 3 times lower than the low-voltage low-output UV lamp, saving a lot of cost.
    4. High efficiency, use purified water
    5. Special design allows it to adapt to a wider range of water temperature changes

    Quartz sleeve wiper
    Due to the long-term operation of the quartz glass casing, the residual pollutants in the influent treatment wastewater tend to adhere to the surface of the glass tube. These materials will form a cover on the surface of the glass tube, which will form an obstacle to the ultraviolet light penetration effect. Regular removal of the quartz sleeve is often an annoying task. For this reason, the company specially designed a scraping device designed to clean the surface of the glass casing.

    • Wiping systems minimize fouling of the quartz sleeves
    • Ensure consistent UV dose delivery for maximum public safety
    • Systems operate online while the lamps are disinfecting, reducing downtime
    • Automatic wiping system can be programmed to wipe lamp sleeves at preset intervals 

    1. Made of stainless steel 304
    2. Electro polished and passivated for reactor chamber
    3. Compact design, easy to install & maintain.
    4. Higher UV dosing and efficiency design.
    5. Higher transmission for quartz sleeve
    6. Standard Dosage range 25000~40000 MicroW sec/cm2

    1. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
    2. Industrial Wastewater and Reuse
    3. Air condition Cooling water Recirculation Swimming pool & Spa & Recreation water…

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