Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

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    • Type:Aeration Pipe,Areator
    • machine size:Fine bubble air diffuser

    Key Features

    CDF-250 type fine bubble membrane diffusers are very flexible, durable and consistent. An upwardly convex disc is covered by elastic rubber diaphragm that perforate “Z” slits. In addition. A clamp ring circumferentially secures the rubber diaphragm. The non-return valve in the center of the diaphragm as a safety feature preventing sludge from entering the piping and clogging the whole system.


     High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

     Back Flow Prevention

     Low Pressure Loss

     Non-Clog Operation

     Wide Range Air Flow

     Material Resistant for Wastewater

     Simple Installation Procedures CDF- 250N CDF- 250E

     Low Energy Consumption

     Extended Lifetime Expectancy

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